The Search for a Football Team Sponsor in Dubai

Take the Chance and Help a Dubai Women’s Football Association Team for $ 3500

In the United Arab Emirates, and specifically in Dubai, there is a football association for the ladies. It is called the Dubai Women’s Football Association (DWFA).

“The DWFA organizes two seasons per year: A ‘winter season’ from September to December, and a ‘spring season’ from February to June.  On a weekly basis, every team trains on Sundays (19:00-20:30). Division 1 matches are played on Tuesdays and Division 2 matches on Wednesdays.”

One team that plays in the DWFA First Division is looking for a sponsor.

For as low as almost 3500 US Dollars (12,000 Emirati Dirhams + Kits) , this team is willing to rebrand itself to match the sponsor’s name too!

Here are the details:

  • Team Name: Atman Athletic team
  • Players: 12 female players (diversified backgrounds – aged 20-35)
  • Training Ground: Jebel Ali Centre of Excellence, in the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, Dubai, UAE
  • Contact: via TWITTER @Dina_AlNaib OR @Taraalnaib / via email

Other than their regular matches, the Atman Athletic Team also participate in the Dubai Football Sevens which takes place at the beginning of every year around February or March and is considered the largest football participation event in the Middle East running over the period of one month and consisting of 280 teams (3,300 players – men and women)

Give back to the UAE community and support the activities of the women living in this country.

photo credit: Sport 360 magazine

photo credit: Sport 360 magazine


p.s. some info in this article are really hard to find even with
Google's help, and I'd be happy if this post helped the ladies
reach their goal, with special thanks for some info from Sport 360

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