The Victorious in Lebanon

The Victorious team has already started touring the Arab countries to discover football talents.

For those who do not know what ‘The Victorious’ is, here is a brief summary:

Dubai Media Incorporated has launched a Football Talent Academy Show called “The Victorious”. It will be a reality TV show on Dubai TV and Dubai Sports TV and under the supervision of Diego Maradona and Michel Salgado. The show will see off 22 contestants from the Arab countries trying to compete for the title. The winner will be granted $ 100,000 and a chance to join Juventus, Real Madrid, or Hamburger SV.

The team running the show is already visiting the Arab countries for the try outs.

The big news is that the talents of LEBANON are invited to apply and participate on 7 February 2014. They will be tested against speed, skills, physical attributes, and personal traits. Any possible talent between the ages of 16 and 22 can apply.

If you are interested, here is the link to APPLY.

For more information, follow @dubaiTV on Twitter or check their website:


The Victorious Poster with Diego Maradona


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