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World Cup Final – Brasil 2014: Argentina VS Germany

If you are looking for the extremely tactical analysis of the World Cup Final match, then please try to Google that.

Here, I am writing for you and me and for every fan about the waiting game before kickoff. We all have some thoughts before any match, and these thoughts are too overwhelming especially if it is a World Cup Final match.

For Argentina, this is the first final in 24 years, and players know that it will take them 24 more years to reach another Final. It is going to be played on their archrival’s home land and this is a thing they never dreamed of. It will be a chance to avenge the 2010 humiliating quarter-finals loss against the same opponent (and the 2006 feature, too). It is the game when Diego Maradona’s 1990 demons will finally rest in peace. It is one game that will put their names next to the best in the history of football. It is when Messi will be closer to the throne of Maradona.

Germany on the other hand, will play the second final in four tournaments, and the first since they gave away the 2002 one to Brazil. They are well equipped, more organized, and tactically diversified, as opposed to Argentina. They already got the acknowledgment and recognition for being one of the best teams, but they want to add the cherry on top: The Title. Players have nothing to prove against an opponent they already humbled four years ago, but it will be ‘lovely’ if they win it. They know they can reach another final or at least a semi-finals stage again in 4 years because they are really good and over confident. Winning 7-1 will be a source of motivation for them to win teh final as they want to prove it was not merely luck that helped them trash the host nation.

The best player in the tournament will be with no doubt picked up from the two finalists. It might be a 2002 repeat for the Germans when their keeper was on the losing side but got picked up as the tournament’s best. A failure for Messi will always haunt him, more than others, as he will not be voted the best in this cup or in history.

I wish I could have said: May the best win…

If I never post again on this blog, then it means I died out of extreme grief…



Brazil VS Germany: World Cup 2014 Semi-Finals Quick Thoughts

The Clash of Titans!

It’s the match between the biggest two names in world football.

Shocking enough, Brazil and Germany only met once in the history of World Cup tournaments.

My only memory of that match is Oliver Kahn and his two mistakes that led to the two goals scored by Ronaldo.

The previous encounter was in a World Cup final and this time it’s in a semi-finals stage. The two occasions are too big and just pay tribute to two big teams.

Brazil at this stage are the favorites because they’re the host nation. But that’s not enough. They are missing Neymar and Thiago Silva, while the Germans are fully equipped and have the dream of avenging the 2002 catastrophe.

Let’s hope we see a match worth the names of the two teams.

As a neutral, there’s one extra wish: Klose to surpass Ronaldo’s record.


Euro 2012: Last Four

Four more days, four more teams, and the Euro 2012 will be decided. Portugal vs Spain and Germany vs Italy are the two games of the semi finals stage before we know who will compete on the final day.

Many previews are online and offline. Just type “euro 2012” in any search engine and you will get better ideas than the one you are reading now. I am not here to analyze tactics and predict scores. In here, and in this post, I have a couple of things to say:

  • If Portugal qualifies to the final game, Cristiano Ronaldo will win the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012; Messi second, Iniesta or anyone else third. If they don’t, Messi will win it among huge controversy.
  • Spain will remain faithful to their style, but refereeing might be one factor to decide their remaining games.
  • Germany might dominate Italy, tiredness is one thing that the Italians are suffering from.
  • Defence line of the Germans is not as solid, yet, Hummels is, so far.
  • Balotelli can be the new hero if he managed to score. He’s been wasteful.

Whatever happens, and whoever wins, football is the one on the losing end, as we have to wait over a month to see some European football action after the Euro. Don’t tell me the Olympics will make up for the emptiness. I want real football action. What is real for me might never be offered anytime soon.

Ronaldo Ballon Dor Euro 2012 Cup

No relevance? I don’t think so. He wins we hail. End.

Euro 2012: Vote for your team

The Euro 2012 is one week away from unveiling the winner. Here is a quick poll to choose your favorite.

Euro Trophy

Euro 2012: Italy and Holland to Qualify Only If…

When Russia was playing Greece on the last day of the Group Stage of Euro 2012, I also got confused about the permutations and who will qualify in case of what. So do not blame yourself if you found it confusing too. It is all about the “Regulations of the  UEFA European Football Championship 2010-2012” and more specifically section 8.07 which you can find here.

In any case, and to make things easier, here are the permutations and the scenarios that will decide the future of Italy, Holland (the Netherlands), Portugal, and Denmark, and their progress to the quarter-finals stage.

Holland (The Netherlands):

  • ONLY a win against Portugal will revive their chances. A draw or a loss will eliminate them.
  • The win is also conditional: A +2 goal difference, and a loss for Denmark against Germany.
  • Any change in any of these conditions will see them out.


  • Any win against Holland means they qualify.
  • A draw qualifies them only if Denmark loses to Germany.
  • A loss qualifies them only if Denmark loses to Germany.


  • A win qualifies Denmark, a loss eliminates them
  • A draw qualifies Denmark only if Holland beats Portugal


  • Any win against Ireland AND a 0-0 draw for Croatia and Spain, qualifies Italy
  • A +2 goal difference win (except 2-0) AND a 1-1 draw for Croatia and Spain, qualifies Italy
  • Any win against Ireland AND a 2-2 draw for Croatia and Spain, eliminates Italy
  • A loss or a draw eliminates Italy.

I hope this explained all the scenarios in a simple manner, and please let me know if you had any more questions or things to clarify. If you are not yet sure, here is a link for the standings, and you are welcome to make your oqn permutations.

Denmark - Sweden Euro 2004

Italy is afraid that Spain draws Croatia 2-2, but does Italy deserve to qualify?

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