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The Other ‘Hand of god’ by Maradona

Well, you can never get enough of Maradona news, and his hands that are full of surprises.

Diego Maradona’s personal life and relation with Rocio Oliva has been recently under the spotlight for a multitude of reasons.

From alleged attempts of beating her, to singing in public for her, and now ‘fingering her’.

That's 'right hand' for you

That’s ‘right hand’ for you

There is no shame in seeing someone enjoying his sex life with his teammate, but the shame is for those who are making a fuss about every kiss or ‘sentimental’ or intimate moment Diego Maradona is spending, even in private, with Rocio Oliva.

When did swimming become a crime?

When did swimming become a crime?

In other unimportant news, Maradona must pay the legal expenses of Shanghai Shenhua team coach Sergio Batista for alleging he took bribes from national players, an Argentine court has ruled. The ruling by a criminal court in the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires, called for Maradona to pay Batista’s legal team 39,000 pesos (about 4,600 dollars).

Doesn't she wish he used the 'hand of god' itself?

Doesn’t she wish he used the ‘hand of god’ itself?


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