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Brazil 2014: World Cup of Lies and Propaganda

Hold on! This is not about people finally discovering that Balotelli is overrated and overrated.

Brazil 2014 has by far been the best tournament since 1998 (or at least that’s what I think). However, and before it kicked off, there have been many incidents off the field that portrayed a different image about a football mad country. To name a few, there are the protests, the prostitution, the robberies, and other stuff.

I wouldn’t care about any of the above as long as we can focus on football itself. Yet, the yellow tabloids and media world showed hunger for stories that do not exist and created a lot of propaganda about the footballing aspects in this tournaments.

The amount of lies and fake news during this World Cup has exceeded my expectations and showed that social media is run and fueled by the slightest rumor. I am picking up 3 stories to highlight as fake, and you can either believe them or me or whoever wrote them.

  • NO! Mexico’s Goalkeeper does NOT have 6 fingers: After his heroic displays against Brazil, Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa was hailed as a hero in his country and around the world. His miraculous saves were compared to those of legends and the search after the secret of his super powers ended up with the claim that he has six fingers.
  • Messi is not perfect and he did NOT meet the boy mascot: Well, Messi may not be human in football terms, but he is a human being who is allowed to miss out on shaking the hand of a young boy before a football game. Stories about Messi meeting the boy later on – and which were circulating to add to the image of holiness upon Messi – are only fake.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo loves his hair but did NOT shave it in solidarity with a dying kid: The zig-zag in Ronaldo’s hair was said to be in tribute to a young fan, Erik Ortiz Cruz, who had a brain surgery. The mother of the kid denied that. End of story.

All the above may look stupid stories and not worth following, but social media, and sick media are full with similar ones.

world cup of lies




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