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Transfer Market of Football Managers

Moving on from players to managers, here are some speculations:

  1. Jose Mourinho to Chelsea
  2. Walter Mazzarri to Inter Milan
  3. Clarence Seedorf to AC Milan
  4. Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid
  5. Roberto Martínez to Everton
  6. Roberto Mancini to Napoli
  7. Rafa Benitez to P$G
  8. Manuel Pellegrini to Manchester City

These are the most anticipated and talked about managerial transfers. Rumor has it that starting tonight or tomorrow everything will unfold.

What do you think?

Latest health concerns for Tito Vilanova may urge Rosell and Co. to make a shock move and replace him by Manuel Pellegrini - Seems legit!

Latest health concerns for Tito Vilanova may urge Rosell and Co. to make a shock move and replace him by Manuel Pellegrini – Seems legit!


Tito Vilanova is Gone – Now What?

Tito Vilanova is stepping down as Barcelona coach due to a ‘tumor relapse’. May he get well soon.

The questions everyone are asking now:

1- Who will take the Barca job?
2- Will Guardiola come back for the rescue?
3- Does ‘this’ Barca squad need a coach?
4- Will Barca’s results be affected; whoever takes the job?

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First El Clasico of 2012-2013: The Spanish Super Cup

Here we go, an early El Clasico encounter and the formal inauguration of the 2012/2013 football season. Most of the European leagues kicked off last week or some days ago, but this game is always special and it will be the first in a long series of brawls, games, fights, or whatever you want to call them.

Barcelona hosts Real Madrid for the Spanish Super Cup first leg in Camp Nou, and the game will kick off at 20:30 GMT (00:30 Dubai Time). Last year, the prize was Barcelona’s to grab and brag, and the highlight of both games was the eye poking incident between Mourinho and Vilanova. The difference this year is that Vilanova has become head coach of Barcelona, and Mourinho has to find a new assistant coach to torture.

Jose Mourinho eye poking Tito Vilanova

Jose Mourinho eye poking Tito Vilanova, while Borat was watching unimpressed.

Here are some thoughts, if they mean anything:

  • Alex Song may play his first game with Barcelona; another Arsenal player to start his Barca life in a Super Cup after Fabregas last year.
  • Pepe will miss the game to the relief of Barcelona players and disappointment of wrestling fans.
  • If Barca wins the cup, it would be the first time in history to see a club winning it four times in a row.
  • Mourinho doesn’t need the cup if that means he will win the league, or at least that’s what he said.
  • The two teams played their first encounters in the league, while Barcelona won big, Real Madrid suffered to earn a home draw. Preparations of Real Madrid indicate they are not at their best, yet.
  • Messi is the all-time scorer of the Super Cup with 8 goals. He already scored 2 official goals this season and this game is a chance to start his mission of breaking the astounding 73 goal tally of last season.
  • A probable lineup for both teams would be:

Barcelona: Valdes – Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Alba – Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta – Alexis, Messi, Pedro
Real Madrid: Casillas – Marcelo, Arbeloa, Ramos, Albiol – Ozil, Coentrao, Alonso, Lass – Ronaldo, Benzema

Only an insane futuristic Nostradamus-eque person can predict the score of such an encounter.

Spanish Super Cup 2012

The first El Clasico of the 2012-2013 season, and more to come

El Clasico; and this was just the beginning

After a long waiting period of no football, if we consider that Copa America never happened, we were blessed to start the season with two El Clasico battles.  Two fights, 9 goals, 13 yellow cards, 3 red cards, 43 punches on the head, and a finger in the eye are the statistics of the two legged Spanis Super Cup 2011.

There are many references, stories and reviews on how the games were played and won. Do not expect this post to cover the same topics.

Everyone’s favorite moment of the match

I beg thee not to score, how great thou art!

 First trophy for Cesc since 2005

Cesc Fabregas won a trophy with Barcelona within just 7 minutes of his introduction into the first official game with his new team. His last title with Arsenal was in 2005 when he won the FA Cup

 Jose Mourinho gouging the eye of Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova

Even Borat was not happy about the act

 The Epic Brawl – Enjoy and take good attention at minute 1:45

The Epic Brawl – Mourinho stepping on Cesc head! [take good attention from the 20th second]

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