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Why Figo29

Why Figo? Why 29? Why not Diego? Well, I never thought about it before I posted this.

Actually it all goes back to 1997 when I received my first ever Barcelona jersey with Figo’s name and number on it. It was the start of his third season with Barcelona at that time, and he was already my hero. At that time there was no hero at the world of football. Every person who was watching football wanted a piece of Ronaldo, but not me.

Figo was my superstar and since his departure from the Nou Camp I haven’t seen a replacement number 7 till this moment. Maybe Luis Enrique added the flair or even Overmars and Zenden, but none had his impact. His departure to the unnamed team caused a heartbreak but his position is still void.

Moving on, I couldn’t even take on any nickname or alias that would indicate Maradona’s effect on me. Why not? Because Maradona is not human. Who am I to take on the name of the greatest the universe will ever witness?

As for the 29 and the attachment of this number to my life, it is a long story. To make it short, consider it my lucky number.

I am satisfied to be called Figo, faithful to whatever Maradona represents, and stuck at 29 for the rest of my life.


Welcome to My Blog

Hi there,

This is my blog, and yes it is my first. I would like to thank my great friend “@B_Quill” for pushing me into starting it. As lazy as I am to write regularly, I guess she had enough of me talking and wants to see my ideas posted and archived for history to remember them.

I will be writing about Football, and Football, and some more Football. An additional blogging part will be my thoughts in random Poetry, my comments on the life I would always admire, and myself.


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