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Mario Balotelli’s Vacation Going Wild Again?

Super Mario filmed smoking while having some drinks around friends in Mykonos

It is normal that every player has his part of relaxation and enjoy a vacation. But when the player chooses to smoke and do other stuff, he should be aware that it might affect his physical preparations and that he should answer his coach’s concerns and the fans’ rage later on.

Some players used to smoke and party like there is no tomorrow, but they gave 101% of their efforts on the pitch the next day. However, when it is about Mario Balotelli, it is always different and I personally do not trust his talent/professionalism. Mario was spotted in Mykonos, Greece, smoking, and having some drinks with his friends and girlfriend, on the beach, with bikinis all around them. One thing that got my attention is the part where he tries to put on his sleeveless t-shirt (looks like a bib – check the video at second 34 onward).


Transfer Rumors – The January Window

The best part about January is the transfer window because it keeps people and the football world busy anticipating moves and shocking transfers. The biggest news so far is the signing of Pep Guardiola by German giants Bayern Munich. The expected transfers and the rumored ones are in millions, and here are some of my favorite to happen or to hear every day:

  • Diego Milito to Arsenal because Chamakh is finally gone
  • Sneijder to every club in the world
  • Kaka to Milan because they are broke and he will fund his own transfer
  • Modric to the bench, again.
  • Di Maria to Manchester United
  • Nani to the dark half of the table
  • Torres to Juventus or Milan on loan or for free, forever.
  • Villa to any smart club
  • Balotelli to self destruction
  • Robinho to a museum
  • Aimar to the UAE
  • M’Vila to save QPR along with Beckham to promote their fall

Many other rumors are out there. We will review them on 2 February 2013.

January Football Transfers

January is all about Money and Transfers

Mario Balotell, Paris Hilton, Ibiza, and more

If you are bored waiting for the football season to kick off, here are some tips on how to spend your time, from no other than Mr. Why Always Me: Mario Balotelli.

Mario Balotelli has been spotted enjoying his vacation post the Euro 2012, in many places and with many known and unknown figures, among whom is Paris Hilton, in Ibiza. Enjoy some of the photos gathered about him while, smoking sheesha, swimming, and clubbing.

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LNFR – Quick and Random

1- Cristina is injured. They say it is for three weeks. I say, it is that time of the month.

2- Mohamed Bin Hammam, the AFC President, announced he will challenge Sepp Blatter this year for the FIFA Presidency. It seems that the revolutions all over the world have finally inspired someone to call for a change after more than 12 years of unrivaled dictatorship

3- Sunderland has revealed the new 11/12 home kit. Does it come with a new manager?

home kit - sunderland

Awaiting a manager

4- Claude Makelele was quoted saying: “We used to get drunk together and joke about, but then he forgot about everyone” (Talking about Mourinho forgetting about some players to claim the spotlight). Hint: Actions are forgotten when sober!

5- I just discovered that Michael Owen has a verified twitter account with zero goals; tweets that is. (Check @themichaelowen)

6- John Terry was reinstated as England captain. All that Rio Ferdinand said was: Constipation.


Damn it! They discovered who the real captain is!

7- Chelsea agreed a deal to sign Lucas Piazon from Sao Paulo when he turns 18. He will join them in January 2012. Hint: The Premier League starts in August Mr. Abramovich.

8- Bale signed a contract extension. It is either a new Giggs story or a show me the money in the summer drama.

9- Balotelli needs a hairdresser, a smile dresser, an attitude dresser, but someone to dress him up? Seriously? (referred by @bilalhouri)

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