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Diego Maradona and His Daughter Dalma in a Song and a Music Video by APOLO

Gritándole al Viento is the name of the new song by APOLO featuring Diego Maradona and his daughter Dalma.

The Argentinean band APOLO collaborated with Maradona and shot the music video in April 2014. The shooting took place in Dubai – UAE, and Buenos Aires – Argentina. The song and the video were released just in time ahead of the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Maradona and Dalma with Apolo singing Gritandole al Viento

The band was formed in January 2014 and it just released its new song that talks about hopes, dreams and love and is extremely passionate about the subject of soccer. The title of the song (as Google Translate suggests) means ‘Screams to the Winds’ and it highlights how people unite under a flag to reach glory while showing the world the true passion.



Lionel Messi Calls to Free Palestine and Visits the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Photoshoped or not (and that might be Messi’s photo with the t-shirt), it doesn’t matter. Keep religion and politics out of football. Make football NOT war.

Messi and Maradona: A call for peace?

Messi and Maradona: A call for peace?


Diego Maradona Plays His Second Game in Dubai

In Front of His Daughter Dalma, Maradona could not help his team win

I have now joined the same group of people who can claim they have seen Maradona playing “ON the pitch.” It is not from the stands, but just standing behind him is where I stood and watched him play a competitive match at the age of 52.

Diego Maradona played his second game with the Dubai Sports Council team in the “7 Up Dubai Government Entities Football League” – Above 38 group.

The sad fact is that Dubai was not there to watch him. There were a few enthusiastic camera holders around him – including myself and my friend Wael, but that was not what you would expect when Maradona is playing. The lovely news came in the shape of Dalma Maradona who attended the game with some friends to support her father. Dalma Maradona was interviewed by MBC TV channel before she took her seat to enjoy the match.

Dalma Maradona being interviewed in Dubai

Dalma Maradona being interviewed in Dubai

Maradona played a couple of minutes before deciding to leave the pitch in anger. He was mad at one of the opposition’s players. Maradona accused the player of being below the age of 38 and from where I was standing, the player looked like a 29 year old veteran.

Maradona stayed on the touchline for some time while his team was dragging 1-0. Then, a penalty kick was awarded against his team and the score became 2-0. Maradona cooled down and decided to go in again trying to help his team make a comeback.

At halftime, Maradona had another outburst trying to argue the same subject of the ‘underage’ player. He went in and played the entire second half providing some good passes and shooting a couple of freekicks, before the keeper miraculously saved a last minute shoot from him.

The match ended 2-0 and his team did not make it to the semi-finals. Maradona left the pitch in anger and asked Dalma to join him at once, refusing to stop for questions or photos with the few around him. It might be the result or the dubious refereeing decisions that caused all the upset, but Maradona was surely just being Maradona.

Diego Maradona taking a break at halftime; away from everyone

Diego Maradona taking a break at halftime; away from everyone

Diego FERNANDO Maradona is Born

Diego Maradona became a dad again for the fifth time yesterday at the age of 52 and he wasted no time in naming his newborn child after himself. His former girlfriend Veronica Ojeda gave birth by cesarean to a boy called Diego Fernando shortly before midnight in a Buenos Aires hospital.

News of the birth was confirmed by Maradona’s doctor Alfredo Cahe. He said: ‘He’s called Diego Fernando, he was born on February 13 at 11.57pm and he weighs 7lbs. ‘Both mother and baby are doing well.’

Maradona split from girlfriend of eight years Ojeda, 33, when she was four and a half months pregnant. He also has two daughters from ex-wife Claudia and a son and a third daughter whom he never acknowledged.

Diego Maradona and 'New Mother' Veronica Ojeda, earlier in Dubai

Diego Maradona and ‘New Mother’ Veronica Ojeda, earlier in Dubai

Diego Maradona fights with football fans in UAE [video]

Diego Maradona was involved in a brawl with some supporters of Al Shabab Club just after his team’s game against them on March 29, 2012.

As per www.sport360: “Diego Maradona, manager of Al Wasl, was involved in an ugly confrontation at the end of the Pro League game with Al Shabab this evening.

Shabab had just beaten Dubai rivals Wasl 2-0 at Al Mamzar Stadium when it appeared that Maradona’s girlfriend, Veronica Ojeda, was being abused by a section of the local support. Maradona then rushed into the stand, accompanied by Wasl player Juan Ignacio Mercier, whose girlfriend was in the same section, in an attempt the lead them to safety.

A scuffle broke out in the area nominally reserved for VIPs which as then diffused by security staff. Ms Ojeda was led away looking visibly shaken, while Juan Mercier’s girlfriend appeared to trip on the stairs.”

Sport360 blogger Finlay Donaldson was a witness to the incident as it unfolded. “It seems something was said to Maradona’s girlfriend. He ran up the stand, confronted other fans and that’s when the scuffle broke out.

“Maradona was then escorted down, shouting and gesturing towards the Shabab VIP area.”

p.s. Videos courtesy of “Dhahialfalasi” and Abu Dhabi Sports TV; compiled by @figo29

Messi vs Maradona: Debate points (Part 03)

On March 13, 2012, Carles Puyol posted a picture via his Twitter account for Lionel Messi in an unusual training: Stand-up goalkeeper. The photo became an instant hit due to the name of Messi and to Puyol’s followers’ base of more than 2 million people.

Today, I found an older one for Diego Maradona during his Napoli days. Have a look!

Messi vs Maradona Goalkeepers

Who is copying who?

Messi vs Maradona: Debate points (Part 02)

Goal of Century? Was it? Aren’t there better goals? Didn’t Messi score a similar one?

On June 22, 1986, Diego Maradona scored his goal in a World Cup Quarter Finals Stage against England. The goal took Argentina to the Semi Finals of the competition.

On April 18, 2007, Lionel Messi scored his goal in a Copa del Rey Semi Finals Stage against Getafe. The goal was part of a 5-2 first leg win that was cancelled out in a 0-4 defeat in the second leg.

Just look at the importance of each goal, circumstances they were scored at, opponents’ ratings, and end results to make a judgement.

messi vs maradona

As demonstrated; Messi and Maradona paths for their own goal of the century.

Peter Reid Meets Diego Maradona

Peter Reid was one of the players who could NOT catch Diego Maradona on his way to score the “Goal of the Century” against England in the FIFA World Cup 1986. The Beautiful Game show on Abu Dhabi Sports TV hosted Peter Reid recently. The producers of the show arranged a meeting, for the first time, and after 25 years, between Diego Maradona and Peter Reid. The meeting was done in Al Wasl Club in Dubai, UAE, where Maradona is currently the head coach of football

p.s. The video is recorded off a TV screen which explains its quality


Diego Armando Maradona. Now here is a thing for you, and do not google it: What is the full name of Pele? Ronaldo? Messi?

I cannot write about Maradona without being subjective so I will skip to the main message of today: Happy 51st Birthday Diego Maradona

The Internet is full of pictures, news, information, rumors, and videos for the Argentinean hero, and you can spend hours digging through each. If I wanted to post any I will need more than just a blog post. So I chose the below controversial picture and a poem, written by a young fanatic (for its simplicity and honesty in expressions), to celebrate this special day.


1986; a kid with no destination

Looked up and saw salvation,

In a man capable of creation,

In a man offering gold to his nation.

1986, he stood up high and was the king,

Touching the sky, flying with no wing.

1986; a legend began,

And the story of a holy clan

I stared at him for more than one hour,

I felt the world celebrating his power.

He was there with thousands around,

Still I gazed and only him I found.

A being like no other;

An idol, a leader, and the legend of soccer.

Diego Maradona (51 years)

Happy Birthday, the Diego Maradona way!

The Douche, the Bad, and the Ugly

While football is a beautiful game it is also a reflection of life. Hence comes all the related un-footballing acts. It is not a new thing for a footballer to make the headlines not because of his unprecedented talent but for an act of stupidity, violence, or anger on field or in a night club. There are many famous incidents where a player was arrested and released in a matter of hours to be forgotten while other incidents have made history like the one involving Maradona shooting at the press.

maradona shoots reporters

Reporters were lucky he shot them with an air-gun and not with his left foot!

I decided to select some new or old rumors and exploits to highlight the other side of football. I chose to do so because I love football and I don’t like to be bombarded on daily basis with its other side. The following selected news may be redundant or not important at all, still I am sharing them for their distinctiveness.

  • Mario Balotelli set his own house on fire after letting off fireworks in the bathroom. Super or not recently, now, Manchester City has chosen him to represent the club supporting a regional campaign to promote fireworks safety. As per his words: “It is an important message that children should not mess with fireworks.” Obviously, Balotelli doesn’t consider himself a child.

    Mario and fireworks campaign

    Of course kids will stay away from fireworks if Super Mario advised them to do so

  • Barry Bannan, the promising young Scottish midfielder plying his trade for Aston Villa, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after the car he was in hit the central reservation of a motorway. Not new, not odd, but too early to end your career this way; hopefully not.
  • Titus Bramble was arrested over an alleged sex attack and possession of a Class A drug. Love him or not, stop pointing out Steve Bruce as the main reason behind Sunderland’s form so far.
  • Juan Pablo Pino, the Colombian striker who is contracted for Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia, was arrested by moral police while in Riyadh for showing his religious tattoos. I wonder if the player was Martin Skrtel, David Beckham, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, instead of being just Pino, would that have happened?

    Juan Pablo Pino

    Religion is sacred, especially in KSA, and that left arm should be covered, even if you are swimming

  • As shy and humble as he looks, Lionel Messi has a crazy mom. Macarena Lemos claims that Messi’s mother insulted her and would have hit her with a frying pan. Is that one reason why Messi has fired blanks recently?
  • Alberto Malesani, one of my favorite coaches, threatened to cut bonuses for his current Genoa players based on their performance. I wonder what a Minister of Labor in a Silvio Berlusconi led government has to say about that.
  • Breno Borges was arrested and then released by the German police in an investigation concerning deliberately setting his own house on fire. I wouldn’t have brought this up, but he is only 21 years old, has a wife, and three kids. The future looks bright.

    Bayern Munich's Breno has been arrested over a fire which caused over a million euros worth of damage to his home

    Looking at the design of the house, I need to agree on why Breno put on fire

  • Flamengo goalkeeper, Bruno Souza, was arrested and faced with charges related to the kidnapping and possible murder of his ex-girlfriend. Let’s face it, the guy is married, and he’d do anything with an ex, right?
  • Carlo “I do not want to play” Tevez is now planning to sue his own manager and club for the treatment he is getting since he allegedly refused to come off the bench against Bayern Munich. Now, the Professional Footballers Association has backed him in his appeal against Manchester City. The fans of the club will surely not be as supportive as the PFA.
  • Remember John Terry and his affair? It might not be a surprise for you but I just realized that the same girl he cheated his own wife for, and lost his Wayne Bridge relation because of, is already a regular scorer for the Chelsea team. Model Vanessa Perroncel apparently had sexual affairs with Adrian Mutu, Eidur Gudjohnsen, John Terry, Wayne Bridge, and an anonymous fifth Blues player. The only one who stayed in Chelsea was Captain John.

    Blues United

    Blues United: Find the common factor that joins the highlighted players (Hint: Vanessa Perroncel)

Again, and to clarify one thing, the news mentioned above might not be the most shocking or craziest ever from a sports related figure. We all know that Diego Maradona and his drug abuse is everyone’s favorite example. However, Maradona was and is and will always be different. Now do me a favor and use the comment box and tell me about another incident with a football player.

Pele kissing a shoe

An honorable mention is this person kissing his shoe. Why? For everything he has ever said.

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