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Longest Football Match in the History of Football

Dubai to host a non-stop football match over 36 hours to commemorate UAE’s 43rd National Day celebrations.

Dubai has come up with yet another first by organizing the longest football match in the history of football. The Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has teamed up with Mondial Company to organize the event as part of the activities held in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for the National Day celebrations.

The match will take place at the Dubai Police Officers Club. It will kick-off at 9:00 am on 28 November 2014, and the final whistle will be blown at 9:00 pm on 29 November, 2014.

This unique venture will bring together 1,620 players from across the UAE, including former national team stars, junior players from clubs, players representing various nationalities living in the country along with a representative side of juniors from Saudi Arabia’s Al Etifaq Club led by its president, Abdul Aziz Al Dossary..

Once it is over, it should make it to the Guinness World Records as the longest football match in history.

36 hours of non-stop football in Dubai!

36 hours of non-stop football in Dubai!


Because Only Maradona Can Pull a Maradona

Some days ago, the world went crazy after seeing Maradona’s alleged attempt to hit his girlfriend (wife, ex-fiance, love, etc.) Rocio Oliva.

The relation between Diego and what’s her face has just taken another U-turn when they attended a product launch in Dubai. She was sitting next to him (that’s her in the photo, right?), when Maradona decided to start singing for her. [VIDEO HERE]

Case closed!


I can love you and hit you and kiss you and sing for you and I am still the same Maradona

I can love you and hit you and kiss you and sing for you and I am still the same Maradona

For the records, the incident answers most of the questions I had here, and for the records too, Maradona and Rocio Oliva have broken up and reunited several times during the course of their relationship, and the couple were even engaged for a short time before breaking it off.


KickOff Times for World Cup Matches – Group Stage

Matches Times are according to Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and GMT Timezone

World Cup - Group Stage Matches - Time Lebanon Dubai GMT

OR; You can download the .pdf version of the table here>>> World Cup – Group Stage Matches – Time Lebanon Dubai GMT


The Victorious in Lebanon

The Victorious team has already started touring the Arab countries to discover football talents.

For those who do not know what ‘The Victorious’ is, here is a brief summary:

Dubai Media Incorporated has launched a Football Talent Academy Show called “The Victorious”. It will be a reality TV show on Dubai TV and Dubai Sports TV and under the supervision of Diego Maradona and Michel Salgado. The show will see off 22 contestants from the Arab countries trying to compete for the title. The winner will be granted $ 100,000 and a chance to join Juventus, Real Madrid, or Hamburger SV.

The team running the show is already visiting the Arab countries for the try outs.

The big news is that the talents of LEBANON are invited to apply and participate on 7 February 2014. They will be tested against speed, skills, physical attributes, and personal traits. Any possible talent between the ages of 16 and 22 can apply.

If you are interested, here is the link to APPLY.

For more information, follow @dubaiTV on Twitter or check their website:


The Victorious Poster with Diego Maradona

Football Stars in Dubai from all over the World

This is a quick one.

Away from the Premier League stars, the world is in Dubai.

Names include: Balotelli, Maradona, Carlos Alberto, Ribery, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Conte, Guardiola, Collina.

Go chase them and happy hunting.

p.s. Check this blog about the Dubai International Sports Conference for some other details.


UPDATES: Al Jazeera Sport and Dubai Sports Conference

This will be fast as it got confirmed just hours ago:

  1. Al Jazeera Sport will be relaunched as beIN Sport on 01 January 2014
  2. Al Jazeera Sport overtook Dubai Sports TV and won the rights for the Bundesliga
  3. The 8th Dubai International Sports Conference will have Cristiano Ronaldo among its attendees / speakers


For the news above, here are some useful links:

  1. Dubai International Sports Conference and Globe Soccer Awards
  2. Al Jazeera Sport to become beIN Sport

The 8th Dubai International Sports Conference

Maradona, Xavi, Ribery, Guardiola, Conte, Ronaldo (R9) and others will be in Dubai, UAE

Remember when I met Diego Maradona last year? Well, I might not be able to meet him, but the same conference is happening again in Dubai.

The Dubai Sports Council is organizing its annual sports conference on 28 and 29 December 2013. The 8th Dubai International Sports Conference will be held in Mina A’Salam – Madinat Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE. The slogan and umbrella for this year’s conference will “Football Companies – Future Empowerment”.

Speakers and attendees of this year’s version will cover topics like:

  1. Globalization and financial aspects of football
  2. The present and future of football stadia
  3. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil and its technical and organisational aspects
Dubai International Sports Conference by Dubai Sports Council

Dubai International Sports Conference by Dubai Sports Council

The full roster may know some changes, but here are the confirmed names:

  • Antonio Conte – FC Juventus Coach;
  • Carlo Tavecchio – Vice President of the Italian Federation;
  • Diego Armando Maradona – Ambassador of the Dubai Sports Council;
  • Fabio Capello – Russia National Team Coach;
  • Frank Ribéry – Bayern Munich Football Player;
  • Giovanni Branchini – International Players Agent;
  • Josep Guardiola – Bayern Munich Coach;
  • Marco Villiger – Director of the Legal Division, FIFA;
  • Mario Gallavotti – International Sports Lawyer;
  • Massimo Busacca – FIFA’s Chief Refereeing Officer;
  • Mike Farnan – International Sports Marketing Expert;
  • Pierluigi Collina – UEFA’s Chief Refereeing Officer;
  • Ronaldo Luìs Nazario de Lima – Ambassador of the 2014 FIFA World Cup;
  • Umberto Gandini – AC Milan Director;
  • Xavier Hernàndez – FC Barcelona Football Player
  • Uli Hoeness – FC Bayern Munich President


The program of the conference is yet to be confirmed but here is what you can expect.

Schedule for 8th Dubai International Sports Conference

Schedule for 8th Dubai International Sports Conference


Alongside the conference, there will be the Globe Soccer Awards Ceremony (Audi Football Night), where everyone participating will be available for a gala dinner and some prize distribution (Details HERE).



This is a direct, simple request: I need your votes to win access to a football award ceremony where I will meet the stars.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log-In with your Twitter or Faebook account
  3. Click the Like button under the post

Here is an illustration of the steps above:

Globe Soccer Best Fan Award

Globe Soccer Best Fan Award

The Search for a Football Team Sponsor in Dubai

Take the Chance and Help a Dubai Women’s Football Association Team for $ 3500

In the United Arab Emirates, and specifically in Dubai, there is a football association for the ladies. It is called the Dubai Women’s Football Association (DWFA).

“The DWFA organizes two seasons per year: A ‘winter season’ from September to December, and a ‘spring season’ from February to June.  On a weekly basis, every team trains on Sundays (19:00-20:30). Division 1 matches are played on Tuesdays and Division 2 matches on Wednesdays.”

One team that plays in the DWFA First Division is looking for a sponsor.

For as low as almost 3500 US Dollars (12,000 Emirati Dirhams + Kits) , this team is willing to rebrand itself to match the sponsor’s name too!

Here are the details:

  • Team Name: Atman Athletic team
  • Players: 12 female players (diversified backgrounds – aged 20-35)
  • Training Ground: Jebel Ali Centre of Excellence, in the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, Dubai, UAE
  • Contact: via TWITTER @Dina_AlNaib OR @Taraalnaib / via email

Other than their regular matches, the Atman Athletic Team also participate in the Dubai Football Sevens which takes place at the beginning of every year around February or March and is considered the largest football participation event in the Middle East running over the period of one month and consisting of 280 teams (3,300 players – men and women)

Give back to the UAE community and support the activities of the women living in this country.

photo credit: Sport 360 magazine

photo credit: Sport 360 magazine


p.s. some info in this article are really hard to find even with
Google's help, and I'd be happy if this post helped the ladies
reach their goal, with special thanks for some info from Sport 360

Nike Hypervenom Launch Countdown

The launch of the new Nike shoes worldwide was some weeks ago, and stars like Neymar already got their customized ones and started wearing them during matches. Yet, for the fanatics in the Gulf Region, Nike Football has set 5 August 2013 to launch the shoe.

The first batch of Hypervenom has arrived to Dubai. A new breed of Attack is unleashed on the 5th of August.

The first batch of Hypervenom has arrived to Dubai. A new breed of Attack is unleashed on the 5th of August.

On 31 July 2013, the supply for the market and the pre-ordered shoes landed in Dubai, UAE (and across the region) as announced on all the social media accounts by Nike Football Middle East.

The pleasant surprise was that on the same day I received a package from Nike commencing the countdown. I felt like a superstar and I am now eagerly awaiting the launch of the shoes and trying it out. There is a big hype over this shoe in particular and from what I have seen, it might be ‘the one’.

Nike Hypervenom Countdown Package

Nike Hypervenom Countdown Package

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